Ballet Ages 8 and up

Ballet is the foundation for all other dance forms and is highly recommended for all students. It builds strength, grace, co-ordination, balance as well as flexibility and poise. Students progress to Pointe work when deemed ready by the instructors.

Ballet/Tap Combo Ages 5-6

Ballet/Tap combo class strives to build a strong foundation in the basic techniques of each discipline (see Classical Ballet & Tap descriptions). A half hour is spent on each subject each week. A Tap dance will be performed in the recital.

Contemporary Ages 8 and up

This fairly new style of dance focuses on the more modern inspired movements of today. Ballet class is strongly recommended in addition to this class as Contemporary combines not only ballet techniques but elements of jazz and modern as well.

Hip Hop Ages 7 and up

This urban form of dance is a high energy, aerobic, athletic style. Builds memory, stamina and co-ordination.

Jazz Ages 8 and up

This energetic form of dance features quick moves and turns as well as big leaps. Jazz classes consist of stretching, center technique, floor progressions and combinations.

Jazz/Ballet/Tap Combo Age 7

Jazz/Ballet/Tap combo class strives to build a strong foundation in the basic techniques of each discipline (Ballet, Jazz, Tap descriptions).
Time will be spent on each subject each week.
Two dances will be performed in the recital.


Kinderdance class introduces children to dance and encourages creativity through pre-ballet, stretching, musical games and motor co-ordination exercises. Students are asked to bring a favorite doll or stuffed animal each week!

Latin Ballroom

Come Learn Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive & Paso Doble! This is a multi-age group class for middle school through adult. Class stars October 4th and will run through May, commencing with an optional performance in our annual recital.

Musical Theater Ages 11 and up

Theatrical style of dance, portraying different characters, story-telling, lip-syncing and singing.

Pointe - Ages 12 and up

Dancers whom have studied ballet extensively may be invited by the instructors to take beginner/advanced beginner pointe or intermediate pointe. Pointe requires a great deal of core strength, ankle and leg strength as well as mental stamina.

Tap Ages 7 and up

This rhythmic dance form promotes intricate sounds by the feet made to various types of music. Classes consist of warm-up, technique, progressions and combinations.

Technique Ages 10 and up

This class is a ‘non-recital’ class used to re-enforce ballet and contemporary technique as well as concentrate on leaps, turn, flexibility and strengthening. *Pre-requisite: Dancers in this class must be enrolled in a regular weekly Ballet or Contemporary class.