Our Premier Company and Senior Company will participate in a photoshoot on Sunday, October 3 from 2:00-4:00pm. We will be taking individual headshots as well as group photos for each company. Parents are NOT required to stay for the duration of the photoshoot.

INDOOR SHOTS: We'll begin the shoot with some group action shots in the studio, followed by individual headshots, then photos of each group separately and all together. For these shots you'll need hair down, light make-up if desired, black leotard, black dance leggings, jazz shoes as well as studio jacket. If you are new to the team and don't yet have a jacket, just remind us and we'll have you borrow one the day of the shoot. Please take time to choose undergarments that can be well hidden (ie we don't want to see lots of bra straps underneath leotards) and wear black leggings that are solid black with no decorative elements such as colorful stripes or mesh panels. NEW - we will also be taking solo action shots/dance pose photos. Please start thinking about what movement or pose you want to try to capture!

OUTDOOR SHOTS: Weather permitting, we'll be walking a short distance outside to take additional group photos. Similar to previous years, we'd like you to wear any combination of street clothes in black, white and red, preferably items of clothing that do NOT depict Disney characters, store logos, etc. Solid colors or patterns are ideal. Since we'll be walking outside, consider your footwear.

What to Wear & Pack:

  • Dance bag!
  • Hair down
  • Light make-up if desired
  • Black leotard (try to avoid lots of bra straps showing)
  • Black dance leggings
  • Tan jazz shoes
  • Studio jacket
  • An outfit mixing red, white, black
  • Shoes to wear outside
  • Snack & water
J & D Dance Academy