At dance competitions it is critical that our dancers go on stage with uniform, professional-looking hair and make-up. All of our dancers will wear the same make-up and will apply it the same way to ensure consistency across the group. All our dancers will also do their hair the same and will be sure to secure headpieces properly. The last thing we want is to be marked down by the judges for hair & make-up. These are things are that entirely in our control so we want to make sure we get it right and set the dancers up for success!

NOTE: Written instructions for application, video tutorials and routine-specific notes are at the bottom of this page.


Purchase the following make-up supplies:
Make-up supplies are the same as last season. If you still have yours and they are in good enough condition to continue using, please do so.

Any brand/color to match skin tone.

Ardell #101 demi black, tube of adhesive. These items can be purchased separately or in a combo kit.
If you take care of your eyelashes and put them back in their container, it's entirely possible to re-use them multiple times throughout the season.

Revlon #525 'wine with everything'.

Maybelline Natural Smokes 020

Wet & Wild #831e 'pearlescent pink'.

Black, any brand.

Eye Liner
Black, any brand.

Any kind of make-up case will do! Just something to keep your things together.

Make up remover wipes


Purchase the following hair supplies:
bobby pins
hair nets to match hair color
hair elastics
hair spray

Video Tutorials:

Low Bun tutorial - LEFT SIDE PART:
Part your hair on the left side over the middle of your left eyebrow first, then put into secure & neat low ponytail, twist, pin, wrap in a hair net, pin some more and done! Oh, lots of hair spray too!

General stage make-up tutorial: (eyelash application is around the 13 minute mark)

Written Instructions:

Standard Makeup Application
1. Apply moisturizer - optional
2. Apply primer - optional but you should really try it!
3. Apply foundation - this really is a must - it will give the rest of the makeup something to stick to and will ensure it lasts through all their dances
4. Apply scotch tape on cheek to catch excess eyeshadow when it falls (if you watch the video you will see that the shadow is messy and tends to fall over the face. The tape trick, as weird as it seems, will help keep it clean and make your life easier in the long run.
5. Apply white eyeshadow - using sponge tool - all over eyelid up to brow bone
6. Apply darker brown (#3) on the outside of eyelid and crease - use shadow brush if you have one, it's so much easier
7. Apply lighter brown (#2) used to blend the line at the white & the brown, and a little over the darker brown - use blending brush if you have one, it's so much easier
8. Apply darkest brown (#4) line the top of the lid
9. Apply a little more white to make sure inside corner is bright
10. remove tape and touch up foundation
11. Apply eyeliner on top and bottom - very close to inside corner, getting thicker as it gets to outside
12. Apply eyelashes
13. Apply mascara
14. Apply blush
15. Apply finishing powder - optional and always helpful to keep makeup in place
16. Apply lipstick

Routine Specific Notes:

Rising Stars:
Musical Theater - Naughty: Standard make-up; left part low-bun; red sequin headpiece secured with bow on right side of head

Lyrical - Once More I Can See: Standard make-up; left part low-bun; flower headpiece secured on right

Duet - Paris Swing: Standard make-up; left part low-bun; red hat leaning to left

Premier Co:
Contemporary - Breathe: Standard make-up; left part low-bun; black and gold headband across forehead

Jazz - Egypt: Standard make-up; left part low-bun; headband secured running across forehead

Lyrical - Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Standard make-up; left part low-bun, check with Deanna on headpiece

Trio: Standard make-up; left part low-bun - check with Jamie on headpiece

Senior Co:
All routines - standard makeup
Hair for group routines may be determined by competition schedule as many of the dances may be back to back