Dance Company Attendance Policy

1. Any dancer who misses a company rehearsal during a competition week will not dance in that competition.

2. JDCO members can miss up to 4 classes total per year in their regular classes.

3. JDCO members can miss up to 3 company rehearsals total per year in their company rehearsals.

Dancers who exceed the above absence limit risk losing their spot on the dance company. That being said, if you are gravely ill please stay home. We do not want to risk a "plague" going through the studio. Absences for severe, contagious illness such as strep throat and pink eye will be excused. Additionally, please note that we are aware that there may be required/mandatory school or religious events or family matters/events that may arise during the year; nearly all cases like this will also be considered excused. If something like that occurs, please communicate with us as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.